Building A Better Asia: Deaf Dialogue

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Event2: Deaf Dialogue

Building a Better Asia: Deaf Dialogue(21-24/8/2010)

Building a Better Asia: Deaf Dialogue, held in August 2010, invites young deaf participants to exchange information about the current situation of the Deaf community in their countries, and to brainstorm actions that may help create a more inclusive, and accessible Asia which bring both Deaf and Hearing people together for concerted efforts to build a better community. The event also aims to prepare the participants for the brainstorming of innovative actions which may potentially involve collaborating with the blind and the physically challenged groups to build a better Asia.

The facilitators for the event include:

(a)  Mr. Ichiro Miyamoto is Director of WFD RSA/P, a Board Member of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, and the President of the Tokyo Federation of the Deaf.

(b)  Mr. Nickson O. Kakiri is Chair of the Kenya National Association of the Deaf (KNAD).

(c)  Mr. Raghav Bir Joshi was elected as the first deaf member of the Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal in 2008.

(d)  Ms. Yukiko Nakanishi from DPI-Japan/Asia Disability Institute