Building A Better Asia: Deaf Dialogue

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Origin and Mission


Origin and Mission of the Deaf Dialogue

The Nippon Foundation set in motion the first ‘Dialogue’ meetings as a means for young, up-and-coming leaders in Asia to interact and engage in meaningful dialogue on a central theme – ‘Building a Better Asia’. After the success of the first Dialogue meeting with young Asian intellectuals in Beijing, China, in December 2006, The Nippon Foundation began to explore the possibilities of having similar meetings for young persons who are blind, deaf or physically challenged. In line with its long-standing commitment to these groups of people, The Nippon Foundation places great importance on inviting such individuals to contribute their ideas on the developmental priorities essential to build a better and more inclusive Asia. In July 2008, a dialogue meeting was held for young, blind Asian leaders in Bangkok, Thailand.

In line with the spirit of the previous Dialogue meetings, the event ‘Deaf Dialogue’ is set up to provide a platform for young deaf individuals from different parts of Asia to exchange their views on how they can proactively contribute to building a better Asia and Asian deaf communities. To pilot this initiative, former Asian deaf scholarship recipients and other deaf beneficiaries of educational projects funded by The Nippon Foundation are invited to participate in these event series.

The Deaf Dialogue is jointly organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Regional Secretariat for Asia and the Pacific, the World Federation of the Deaf.