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Hilde Haualand (Norway)

December 21st, 2009

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Hilde Haualand (born in Trondheim, Norway) obtained her MA in social Anthropology from the University of Oslo in 2001, and is now a PhD candidate working as a researcher at the Fafo Institute of Labour and Social Research in Oslo, Norway. She has held various positions in Deaf Youth Association and the Norwegian Association of the Deaf. She has also been a secretary for Nordic Council of the Deaf, board member for the European Union of the Deaf, WFD World congress keynote presenter Montreal 2003 and was a member of the WFD Panel of Experts 2003-2007. She held the Powrie V. Doctor Chair in Deaf Studies at Gallaudet University 2005-06, and has also produced TV programmes in sign language for the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (2007-2008).

Some of her publications are the WFD Deaf People and Human Rights report (Haualand & Allen 2009), “Sound and Belonging” (2008) in Bauman, Dirksen (ed) Open Your Eyes, Minnesota University Press, “The Two Week Village”(2007) in Ingstad, B and S Whyte (eds) Disability in Local and Global Worlds, University of California Press, and “Uniting Divided Worlds – A study of deaf and hard of hearing youth” (Haualand, Hansen and Grønningsæter 2003), Fafo report 412, and she has given numerous presentations at various conferences and workshops. Her personal interests are her children, her friends, performing arts, outdoor activities and other great sides of life.

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