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Kenny Chu (Hong Kong)

December 21st, 2009

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Hello Everyone! I am Kenny Chu, from Hong Kong. I am a person who is congenitally deaf, and was raised in a Deaf family.

I studied at the Hong Kong School for the Deaf (HKSD) for fourteen years. The school is now called the Chun Tok School. I used Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL) to talk with my classmates in school, but the teachers used speech or signed Chinese to teach us. I couldn’t understand that because I needed HKSL.

In 1999, I began working at CUHK as a research assistant under Professor Gladys Tang. I am now working as a Junior Language Research Assistant at the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies (CSLDS), CUHK. The past eleven years of training and working experiences have considerably developed my skills in research and teaching.

Since beginning my career in 1999, I have been offered a lot of opportunities to take part in various sign language projects and research with my colleagues. The areas of research I am interested in are phonology and morphology.

I have a lot of Deaf friends, and I am happy to know them. I am also a member of the HKSD Alumni Association but I only occasionally attend its activities because I am very busy.

I like sports, such as basketball, football, and swimming. I also like watching TV or movies and reading football magazines. Sometimes I read English stories as well.

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