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Peoungpaka Janyawong (Thailand)

December 21st, 2009

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My name is Peoungpaka Janyawong.  I was born in the northern province of Thailand called Payao.  I went to Tak School for the Deaf from grades one through nine.  I had been trained and received diplomas in dressmaking and fashion design.

Then, the National Association of the Deaf in Thailand (NADT) announced a World Deaf Leadership program promoting Thai Sign Language.  I decided to apply because of the possibility of a new vocation.  For one and a half years in that program, I studied to complete my high-school education in a non-formal setting.  I entered the Bachelor’s degree programme at Ratchasuda College (RS), a faculty of Mahidol University, majoring in Deaf Studies.  My current job title is Sign Language Academician at RS. 

My involvement in the Deaf community includes serving at a NADT-sponsored seminar for making a list of Thai signs related to law and human anatomy; as one of the judges for the annual school-aged story-telling competition; and, as part of a team of teachers evaluating interns at 17 different schools for the Deaf throughout Thailand.  My research interest is doing surveys of exemplary Deaf Asian leaders.  I want to analyze and record their independent living while promoting ownership of their sign languages/cultures.  I desire to research innovative teaching techniques/methods, as well as differences between teaching Deaf and hearing people.  I envision Deaf Asian leaders as experienced, successful equals working in harmony with their hearing counterparts within the community, as effective role models.

My personal interests include cartoon biographies of outstanding compassionate people, NADT events, and the daily news.

I definitely believe that all the sign languages of the world are golden.  I have developed as a wholesome individual and want to express thanks to all my teachers for their untiring efforts as well as the sponsoring entities for their contribution to my life.

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