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K. K. Brayan Susantha (Sri Lanka)

December 21st, 2009

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My name is K. K. Brayan Susantha., and I am from Sri Lanka. I grew up in this beautiful island as the only Deaf person in my family. I attended a Deaf school in Matara until I was eleven years old, where I learned sign language from the Deaf adults.  I am sad to note that their knowledge of sign language is not sufficient.  I patiently learned oral and written language which helped me to get the government G. C. E. O/L. I then received training at the School of Technology. After that, I got a job as an Architecture Assistant. 

I have held memberships for two associations – the CFD and Matara Deaf Association - for 12 years. I was elected as a Secretary in the Executive Committee for 5 years. I provided leadership training to the youths in the Deaf community. I was appointed in the Sign Language Research group and worked on a sign language dictionary at the CFD.  I have been conducting sign language training programs for the parents of Deaf children and worked as a member of the team in promoting sign language as the language of the Deaf community.

My interests in research are Sign Linguistics, Deaf Communities and Deaf History, as well as Education.

My personal interests are training the deaf children’s families in Deaf culture, as well as Linguistics Research.

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